Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 71-07, Laredo TX

I have created this web page to capture some of the memorabilia of the Undergraduate Pilot Training class 71-07 that went through Laredo TX in 1970 and 1971. After 46 years (yikes has it been that long?) I have dredged up some of the memories of those heady times and posted them on the world wide web to see if anyone from my old class is out there looking for contacts.

To the best of my ability, using my amateur equipment and talents, I have digitized the yearbook and posted it in .pdf format. You can download and view it by clicking on the image of the cover, below. If you find this site and are interested in connecting, I can be reached at email address bkimerer @ gmail.com.

What has happened since April 9, 1971?


I flew C-130's out of Langley Air Base until I separated from the Air Force in 1975. After that, I went to Engineering School at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland to obtain a Masters degree in Computer Engineering. I spent the rest of my career as a software engineer in several disciplines. I am now retired and spending more time making music, art, and mischief.


The only other classmate that I have been in contact with over the years is Jerry Alborn. Jerry retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away in August 2015. I miss his friendship and sense of humor very much. So far that is the only news I have for the graduates of Laredo class 71-07.

Brian S. Kimerer
bkimerer @ gmail.com

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