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Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Back - Sort Of

Well, it is Monday and the new internet connection is cranking. Hooray. So this blog is alive again. But that certainly was the highlight of the past weekend. Here is a brief summary the Weekend From Hell

Friday: We started getting ready for the movers at 5:00 a.m. We finally stopped at 10:30 p.m. ... exhausted but not finished yet. Of course, the weather was hot and humid. It rained on us all Friday afternoon. It was grueling

Saturday: We started early again, hoping to get finished before the movers showed up. Of course it was 90 degrees and humid, but the movers showed up on time and had all the furniture moved by mid afternoon. Great kudos to the movers! But when the bill came it was $666.50. I am not making this up. I gave the guys all a tip to break the spell.

Sunday: The tips didn't break the spell. I went down to the basement at the rental and found that the basement floor was flooded. We called the landlord, who left a message with his fix-it guy, who did not return the call. We continued to work at the other house, but did not finish moving everything out. Nobody called back about the flood.

Monday: At first it looked like the puddle was drying up, but then it got bigger. So we gave up on the landlord's fix-it guy and called our own plumber, who showed up in an hour and told us the bad news. The "water" in the basement was raw sewage that had backed up into the washing machine and subsequently onto the floor. We had a 20 foot stream of sewage in the basement.

Two plumbers and one HAZMAT crew later, the mess is gone, but so is the day.

And we have not yet finished moving out of the house.

The asbestos guys are supposed to come on Wednesday to tear out the floors.

Go ahead. Ask me how my weekend went.

The bright side is that the Verizon guy showed up and got us back on line so that I can complain about it all on this blog.

Posted by Brian S. Kimerer at 9:49 PM

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