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Thursday, August 05, 2010


The trees came down yesterday. What a show! Here is a photo of the front of the house before we took out the trees:


That large tree by the sidewalk had to come out because the new house will be built right on top of it. There were four other trees that had to go, including the two at the right side of the photo, the one in the center by the street, and one tree in back. The tree by the walk is a monster. Look at the size of this thing:


Here's the trunk of it sitting on the ground after they took it down:


The tree was starting to rot in the middle, as you can see by the hole in the base. The rot goes right through the stump and into the roots too.

They had to haul the big tree out on a truck, but the "little" trees got fed directly into the chipper.


The chipper ate a whole tree!


I went back later to see just how big the monster tree was. Here is the stump.


You can see the rotten hole in it. I put the tape measure across the stump to see how big it was:


You have to add 3 inches to that for the length of the tape measure body. Almost 5 1/2 feet. And that isn't even the widest part.

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