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Every now and then I get the bug to write, and what usually comes out is some form of humor. So I decided to post some of that on my web page. Don't get too excited because this is amateur stuff. But here it is anyway.

Driving Safety Spike

Back in the early 1980's I was working with a British fellow who came up with the ultimate solution for making American roads much safer to drive on. His invention is called the "Driving Safety Spike". After some effort with Google, I have found a copy of the original patent, which I have posted on this site for your viewing pleasure.

Driving Safety Spike


Do you have old electronic technology that has met its demise and yet you cannot find a replacement for it because the technology has already moved on and your favorite device is not available any more? Well, that has happened to me recently, and here is my solution to the problem.

Redneck PDA (.pdf format)

Redneck PDA (.epub format)

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