Tab and Sheet Music

Every now and then when I work out a new tune I end up with some sheet music out of the deal. I typeset the music using the "abc" format. I use the sheet music to learn the basic melody and to create the additional decorations around it. Because I create the decorations as I learn the tune, my sheet music contains just the simple melody. It is up to the musician to figure out the other parts. I find this easier to learn than memorizing all of the notes verbatim from tab or sheet music. You can read more about how I use the abc tools to create my music on my Notes page. You can see my banjos and hear some of my recordings on my Music page.

Right now the abc tools I am using are:

The tools create Postscript files which I convert into .pdf files for publishing. On this page I provide links to the .abc files and also to the .pdf files, midi files and any recordings I have done for a tune.

Tune Notes Staff Staff Tab Tab MIDI Audio Jab Tab Jab Tab
Flop Eared Mule - All the Notes notes abc pdf abc pdf mid mp3    
Flop Eared Mule notes abc pdf abc pdf mid mp3    
Whiskey Before Breakfast notes abc pdf abc pdf mid mp3    
How Can I Keep From Singing notes abc pdf abc pdf mid mp3    
Eighth of January notes abc pdf abc pdf mid mp3    
Dill Pickles notes abc pdf     mid      
Three Old Hens notes     abc pdf   mp3 jab pdf
Dog Treed a Possum notes             jab pdf

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